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Careers at APL

Football depends on recognising and developing the best talent, on and off the pitch. Just like the players in a football team, the people in our organisation have different talents and strengths which are all important in helping us win. Our aim is to enable our people to use their abilities and grow their careers in an energetic and inspiring environment, surrounded by talented people with a love of the game. 


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#1 Every Fan In Mind

We respect the privilege and responsibility that comes with our mission to unite, entertain and grow the game. We keep every fan in mind, all the time. 

By considering fans in everything we do, we ensure that we’re making decisions that will serve them and make football better for the long term. 

#2 Play Our Own Way: In order to get and stay ahead of the game, we need to create and innovate. We’re part of the world game, so we are always searching for better and applying world-class standards to everything we do. We seek out positive and progressive ideas that help to build our game and will always welcome ideas from any source. 

#3 Win Together: The only way to win is to win together - who makes the assist is as important as who scores the goal. We understand our position on the team and how it contributes to our winning strategy. 

#4 Get Off The Bench: We don’t sit on the bench - we get up and we get involved. When we have made a commitment, we own it - we take responsibility for our actions and always deliver on our promises, individually and collectively.  

#5 Play Fair: Sport is all about competitiveness and fierce rivalry, but we always play fair with integrity  and respect for the rules of the game.